[Clydebank synchro]

Frequently asked questions 

​​Q. My child wants to be a synchronised swimmer. How I can I get them involved?
A. For all new swimmers, we offer a free taster session; please contact us for more information.

Q. How do the swimmers synchronise their movements?
A. An underwater speaker is used so the swimmers can hear the music under the water. This speaker is perfectly safe and the club provides this equipment. The swimmers also count to the music and perform certain moves to certain counts.

Q. How long can synchronised swimmers hold their breath?
A. A synchronised swimmer can hold their breath for long durations when underwater and not using too much energy to perform. In a four minute fast paced routine, a synchronised swimmer may spend two thirds (2.5 minutes) of the routine underwater.

Q. Do men take part in synchronised swimming?
A. Yes men do take part. The World Championships in 2015 featured a new mixed duet event in which many countries entered male/female teams. Clydebank Synchronised Swimming Club encourages male and female swimmers.

Q. My child is a great swimmer and loves to dance, would synchro swimming be a good sport?
A. Synchro is a fantastic sport for strong swimmers! Synchro is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (teams, duets, solos and combos) performing a synchronised routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.

Q. What equipment will I need to do synchronised swimming?
A. All swimmers will require a swimming cap, googles, nose clip and full piece swimming costume. Competitive swimmers will require a plain white swimming cap and plain black swimsuit for figures competitions. Competitive swimmers will also require a team swimming cap, swimsuit, hoodie, polo shirt and t-shirt.

​Q. Where can I purchase the nose clips, swimming caps and suits?
A. The Clydebank Synchronised Swimming Club will have these items available throughout the season.